Margaret is a talented and dedicated professional.

She is smart, funny, reliable, civic-minded, and generous-hearted. 


- Sarah Schenck, Producer & Director 



Margaret undertook a such a variety of tasks with thoroughness, evident dedication and skill and, most importantly, good humor.

It was great to have her working on the team with us.


- Michele Fillion, Director 



On every shoot we have worked together, she has been extremely hard working, meticulous and conscientious, while also being a pleasure to have around. Margaret is also what I would describe as a calming presence in situations which are often stressful and short on time. 


- Ramsey Fendall, Director of Photography 



Margaret adds a ray of sunshine to our office and is highly competent, ambitious, and focused on her long term goals as a filmmaker and activist. She has a great eye and is a reliable and diligent creative collaborator 


- Nicole Betancourt, Emmy Award Winning Director



Margaret is at the top of my list for any moving image project. She is a legend...


-Jessie English, Director & Producer