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Narrative Features

1st AC     Transfiguration                   DP Sung Rae Cho       

DP         Diminishing Returns               Dir. Ashlin Halfnight 

1st AC     Seven Lovers                      DP Steven Latta       

1st AC     The Ballerina                     DP David Mallin      

1st AC     The Strike                        DP Joshua Dixon      

1st AC     Astraea                           DP Matt Mendelson     

2nd AC     The Wannabe                       DP Brett Pawlak       

1st AC     The Mend                          DP Chris Teague       

Cam Op     Two of Us                         DP Danna Kinsky       

2nd AC     Astraea                           DP Matt Mendelson     

1st AC     Diving Normal                     DP Matt Mendelson     

1st AC     Dark Was The Night                DP Ryan Samul         

Cam Intern Stake Land                        DP Ryan Samul         


Narrative Shorts

1st AC     We’re All Gonna Die               DP Giacomo Belletti 

1st AC     The Crack in Everything           DP Giacomo Belletti 

1st AC     Katelyn                           DP Oscar Sharp

1st AC     Our Nation                        DP David Mallin 

1st AC     One Percent                       DP Alejandro Mejia 

1st AC     Prince of Nothing                 DP Alejandro Mejia 

1st AC     Resistance                        DP Paul Rondeau 

2nd AC/DIT EXPG NYC                          DP Eun-ah Lee 

1st AC     Money                             DP Ryan Johnson 

1st AC     Stay Awake                        DP Alejandro Mejia 

2nd AC     The Third Option                  DP Jon Fordham 

1st AC     Safeword                          DP Clayton Combe 

2nd AC     The Parker Tribe                  DP Michelle Lawler 

1st AC     If You Lived Here                 DP Matt Mendelson 

1st AC     Glance                            DP Ryan De Franco 

2nd AC     Hypebeasts                        DP Matt Mendelson 

1st AC     Flip                              DP Erik Shirai 

DP         Everything’s Coming Up Ro’ses     Dir. Roetta Collins                      

2nd AC     Life Vest Inside                  DP Luis Armada 

1st AC     Three Minutes                     DP Ramsey Fendall 

1st AC     Dead Dog                          DP Elizabeth Casinelli 

AC         Jim                               DP Corey Gegner 

1st AC     In the Family Way                 DP Marialuisa Ramirez 

2nd AC     In the Family Way                 DP Marialuisa Ramirez  

Cam Op     Primitive Streak                  Dir. Sarah Schenck  


Documentary Features

1st AC     Imitation of Choice               DP Erik Shirai 

DIT        HBCU Project                      Firelight Media 

Cam Op     It’s Time                         Gage & Gage Productions 

Cam Op     Harry Belafonte Interview         Firelight Media 

DIT        Harry Belafonte Interview         Firelight Media 

AC         Devil’s Pool                      Media Factory 2014

Cam Op     The Taint of Race                 Dir. Kathleen Foster 2013

DIT        Freedom Summer                    American Experience PBS 2013

DIT        Black Panther Party               Firelight Media 2012

DIT        Soul on Soul                      Dir. Laurens Grant 2012

DIT        Jesse Owens                       Firelight Media 2011

AC         Bidder 70                         DP George Gage 2011

Stills     From the Ground Up                Gage & Gage Productions 2010

AC         From the Ground Up                DP George Gage 2010

Gaffer     From the Ground Up                Gage & Gage Productions 2010

Cam Op     Benjamin Verdery                  Dir. John Woo 2010

DIT        Deloitte                          Leroy & Morton Productions 2010 



Documentary Shorts

DP         Parent Earth video series

Cam Op     Institute for Peace 

Cam Op     Maria Doyle Kennedy Concert 

Cam Op     An Irish Christmas at Symphony Space

AC         First Foods Breastfeeding 

DP         Irish Arts Center Gala 

Cam Op     Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill Concert 

DP         CFSC Conference Interviews 

Cam Op     Farm Bill Workshops 

DP         SaZam Productions 

Cam Op     Diller & Scofidio Architecture 

Cam Op     Brooklyn Food Conference 


Music Videos

Cam Op     

1st AC     Bob Moses DP Kevin Hayden 2014

DP         Goldenchild BTS 2014

1st AC     Juan Wauters DP Kevin Hayden 2014

1st AC     P. Diddy “IWTL” DP Matt Mendelson 2014

AC         CSS “Into the Sun” DP Matt Mendelson 2013

AC         Heliotropes “The Dove” DP Matt Mendelson 2012

DP         Petite “NYC Time” 2012

DP         Melora Hardin Live in Concert 2011

AC         Lalibella “Big Star” DP Marialuisa Ramirez 2010


Television & Web Content

AC Hot Guys Holding Babies Above Average 2016

B Cam Op Sacha Baron Cohen Funny or Die 2016

B Cam Op Sunrise to Sunset Centric 2016

AC “Spawtlight” Above Average 2016

AC “Roomie” Above Average 2016

B Cam Op “We’re Getting Divorced” Above Average 2016

B Cam Op "Love @ Last" Above Average

1st AC Top 5 Restaurants Authentic Entertainment 2016

DP/Cam Op Concert & Theater Series Irish Arts Center 2015

Gaffer “Your Team Is” Above Average/The Kicker 2015

B Cam Op Frosted Mini Wheats Above Average 2015

AC Guilty Pleasures Authentic Entertainment 2015

B Cam Op “The Defector” Above Average/The Kicker 2015

1st AC Pitbull Owners Above Average 2015

Cam Op Donny! USA Network

1st AC Fantasy Online College Lenovo 2015

1st AC XXistence feature film trailer 2015

DP Red Nose Day television special event promo 2015

Cam Op Red Nose Day television special event 2015

1st AC Late Night with Seth Meyers 2015

1st AC No Hookups Plz web series 2014

DP Hidden History television pilot 2014

Cam Op Concert Series Irish Arts Center 2014

AC Eat Like a Man Authentic Entertainment 2014

Cam Op Jim Sheridan Interview Irish Film New York 2014

DP Toni Jannelli Rockefeller University 2014

1st AC On The Lig Dir. Niall McKay 2014

2nd/DIT The Profit CNBC 2014

DP Specialty Food Show Dir. Janice Zolf 2014

Cam Op Common Market Dir. Sarah Schenck 2014

AC It Takes a Church Authentic Entertainment 2014

Cam Op Interviews Media Factory 2014

DP The Scattering Dir. Niall McKay 2013

AC White Collar Brawlers Authentic Entertainment 2013

Cam Op Eye What You Eat 2 Food Network 2013

2nd AC K-pop Interviews Verizon 2013

1st AC Eye What You Eat 2 Food Network 2013

DP Parent Earth Parent Earth 2010-2013

1st AC Alien Dawn Nickelodeon 2012

2nd AC Kenny Chesney Concert Word Up/ Livestream 2012

AC Toddlers & Tiaras Authentic Entertainment 2011

Cam Op Renee Fleming Interview PBS 2010

AC Amsale Girls Authentic Entertainment 2010

1st AC Chronicles of Bob television pilot 2010

AC Real World DC MTV 2009


Commercials & Corporate Content

Cam Op Centric Entertainment 2016

B Cam Op “Fantasy Online College” Lenovo 2015

1st AC “Live/Play/Fight” Target CW 2015

1st AC “Tommy Hilfiger Tennis Tournament” Funny or Die 2015

1st AC L’Oreal 2015

1st AC Nic + Zoe fashion 2015

AC “A Seat a the Table” 2015

1st AC “Kitchen Lab” Bon Appetit (Conde Nast) 2015

AC “Style Sneakers” GQ Magazine (Conde Nast) 2015

1st AC Tory Burch Sport 2015

1st AC Tory Burch Tabletop 2015

1st AC Nic + Zoe fashion 2015

1st AC Alice + Olivia for Neiman Marcus 2015

1st AC Nike spec 2015

DP Lullibot for Syfy 2015

1st AC Cle de Peau 2015

1st AC Drake for Sprite 2015

1st AC Ouidad fashion 2015

1st AC Swanson Tastemakers 2015

1st AC Norisol Ferarri fashion 2015

1st AC Romeo Santos Dr. Pepper 2015

Cam Op WeightWatchers Alaskan Salmon 2015

1st AC Alice + Olivia for Neiman Marcus 2014

AC GoDaddy 2014

1st AC Evo Warrior 2014

DP Snapple 2014

DP Rockefeller University 2014

1st AC Douglas Elliman 2014

1st AC Prudential 2014

1st AC Heineken commercial 2014

1st AC McDonald’s spec commercial 2014

Cam Op MSNBC Website Launch 2014

Cam Op NY Film Festival promo 2013

AC Room 5 Films 2011

Cam Op Real Simple Magazine 2011

Cam Op Health Magazine 2011

AC Health Magazine 2011

AC This Old House 2010

2nd AC Q: Unique Fashion 2010

DIT Radical Media 2010

AC Fashion spec commercial 2010

AC Catalyst Films 2008

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